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Add dissector in 2.X


I am finally able to build Wirshark 2.X. Now it absolutely refuses to find my dissector.

In the past I simply deleted register.c, added things to Makefile.Common and python magically created register.c with my dissector. That doesn't work anymore.

I'm doing my best not to go on a rant about the new build process.

Thanks, Brian

asked 22 Jan '16, 13:07

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Rather than rant, maybe let us know if there anything wrong with the documentation?

The Developers Guide section on Packet Dissection directs readers to README.dissector, and README.dissector Section 1.8 notes, as @Guy Harris answered, that a built-in dissector has to be added to epan/CMakeLists.txt.

(24 Jan '16, 07:29) grahamb ♦

One Answer:


To which "new build process" are you referring? Building with CMake? On UN*Xes, you can still use autotools rather than CMake; are you building on Windows?

If you're building with CMake, add your dissector to the DISSECTOR_SRC variable in epan/CMakeLists.txt; you'll need to put dissector/ in front of the name.

answered 22 Jan '16, 13:32

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