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How can I look over packet about timeout, retransmission?


Hello experts, I want to know how can I capture the packet which causes "timeout", "retransmission". First of all, please see my circumstances.

[Circumstances] Everthing is OK, every packet flows well. However, now I have focused on the speed... that is, connection is OK.

[Issues] Whenever I connect or access the web servers, the access speed markedly slow. However, it is fast sometimes. That is, slow, fast, slow, fast -- continuous.

[The data] Please see the below network structure. alt text

[The things that I want to know] As you can see the network structure, it is not complicated. To tell the truth, I don't know what device is the problem. and I also don't know what can I see in order to fix it.

For that reason, I thought I should use "wireshark" to look over the packet when the response is slow. I tried to look over the packet by using wireshark on the computer which is sending the messages to web server. So, could you give me an advice such as teaching the filter command at wireshark program.

Best regards, SK

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asked 27 Jan '16, 00:01

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The best advice I can give you is the following: This book covers all your questions in a great way ->

(27 Jan '16, 01:01) Christian_R

Thank you Christian_R

(27 Jan '16, 03:02) ksk79174766