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Monitor Bluetooth packet loss in android


Hallo all,

I am currently involed in a project to detect the % of packet loss in Bluetooth transfer between two android devices.

I am able to take HCI packet Snoop Log file from one of the android device.

Can i use wireshark to detect the packet loss between the two devices when it communicates via bluetooth?

Thank you

asked 04 Feb '16, 05:38

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One Answer:


Detecting packets loss is hard using Android Bluetooth Btsnoop log. There is no any helper in Wireshark.

However... If you have two logs, then you can compare them manually, one by one packet (enough for most cases [non-baseband/linklayer]).

If you have only one log (from Android device), then you can only base on your knowledge and specification - flows, etc. In most cases if one packet loss somewhere you can see it, because you know flow. But in some flows you cannot detect packet loss, like SCO or A2DP media stream, but in this case Wireshark has mechanism to compute how many music was send/receiver and how long you sending/receiving, so you can suspect if there are breaks in the stream (please note there is no high precision, because timestamp from system are not perfect, etc.)

answered 10 Feb '16, 03:38

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Michał Łabędzki
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