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Unable to display IP addresses correctly..!!


I have created a dissector for cluster heartbeat messages. Everything works okay except the IP addresses. An IP of is displayed by the dissector as

How correct this? Do i need to apply host to network transformation or the other way around??

And most importantly, how to apply that transformation??

Regards, Sidharth

asked 13 Jul '11, 04:53

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What is the exact code you're using to fetch the IP address and put it into the protocol tree?

You're not supposed to apply any byte-order transformation to IP addresses.

(13 Jul '11, 10:41) Guy Harris ♦♦

One Answer:


Set the final parameter of proto_tree_add_item() for adding the IP addresses to ENC_LITTLE_ENDIAN (or TRUE if you're working with trunk-1.4 based code).

answered 13 Jul '11, 06:21

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