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How to Track packets path after going to server?


Hi Everyone i'm new to the Wireshark tool and i think i've doing good with it until now so i've tried it on sevral apps and programs and it was working just as it's supposed to work tho i tried to use it in an online game , and from checking the packets i believe that the data i send goes to a central server than it's redistributed to other player like for private-messages the message go all the way to a server than the server send it back to the other player what i wish to know is how can i track the path of packets until it goes to the other player i think it's possible somehow but i need somebody to give the first steps thank you :)

asked 12 Feb '16, 05:13

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Anas Haxer
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One Answer:


Unless you have access to the the other player's LAN (which may be the same as yours but may be completely different) or to the server's own LAN, and unless you have enough rights and knowledge to capture on that LAN, you cannot capture packets between the server and the other player.

answered 12 Feb '16, 05:42

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