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Generate rpm with a custom build number


I'm running on RHEL 7.2, i'm wondering if there's a way to set the Release number (which is defined om the spec file) as a variable like the Version number which is being generated by the and is written to the config.h , I'd like to set a kind of BUILD_NUMBER variable somewhere, and it'll take the value of the exported variable during the execution.

asked 14 Feb '16, 14:27

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Sure. You'd just need to set a variable (e.g., BUILD_NUMBER) and then AC_SUBST it (all in and then change the Release line in packaging/rpm/SPECS/ to reference the variable (Release: @[email protected]). You could add the build number to other .in files too if desired.

Of course you'd need to autogen and configure again to regenerate wireshark.spec.

answered 17 Feb '16, 08:00

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