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Ping request no response? But it shows response in details


Good day,

I try to investigate a annoying problem on my netgear R7000 router. I probably make a new topic for it. I installed and checked wireshark before but never really had the need to use it, until now.

First I setup ping tests to different pc's in / outside my network.

Then when I check the ping requests I already see something weird. Wireshark says "No response found!" but in the details it just says "response frame 1847". So why does it say "no response found" while in the details it links the response to the request??


asked 20 Feb '16, 07:33

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One Answer:


This is a known Wireshark bug. See bug 11414 for details and to add your e-mail address to the bug CC list so you can be informed of any future updates/fixes for the bug if you so choose.

answered 20 Feb '16, 09:44

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Thanks for the fast response. I didn't expect a bug like that. Good to know. As I just started with WS I questioned my judgement first.

(20 Feb '16, 10:23) RFMuser