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Wireshark 2 missing option to “Try to decode RTP outside of conversation”?


I use Wireshark mostly for reading SIP traffic and troubleshooting VoIP networks. In previous versions, the option (under Edit > Preferences > Protocols > RTP) "Try to decode RTP outside of conversations" was useful in cases in which sufficient SIP signaling is missing from the packet capture. Without that option checked, RTP is represented as UDP packets with unknown data payload.

In version 2 of Wireshark this option is missing, at least under RTP protocol preferences. Is it somewhere else? Is there another way to replicate this behavior?

(I am using both versions 1.12.10 and 2.0.2.)

asked 10 Mar '16, 05:52

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One Answer:


Starting from Wireshark 2.0, this option is replaced by the activation of RTP heuristic dissectors. Go to Analyze -> Enabled Protocols -> RTP and activate rtp_udp checkbox

answered 10 Mar '16, 06:38

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Pascal Quantin
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Thank you! I have enabled it and will try that out.

(10 Mar '16, 07:36) Michael_Lindsey