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Are there any benefits in running the x64 version (Windows)?


On Windows, I am currently using the portable version, which is 32-bit, mostly on 64-bit machines.

Is there any difference, advantage. or speed improvement in running the x64 version instead?

If there was, I was thinking of modifying the portable launcher to automatically start either the x86 or x64 version, depending on the operating system.

asked 17 Jul '11, 05:07

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One Answer:


The 64-bit version should theoretically have more address space available to it (that is, it should be able to use more memory if you've got big capture files), but we've seen that it is NOT able to use the extra address space for some reason.

The Win64 version does not have all of the libraries available to it, so some Wireshark features don't work in Win64.

So for now, you're probably actually better off with the 32-bit version.

answered 19 Jul '11, 10:03

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