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Combine Two Capture File And Get The Throughput Bandwidth Utilization Graph


Hi Wireshark

I have more than two capture files the capture time is different but there is NTP running and the time on the capture devices are sync with NTP. Now i want to merge these files and want to get maximum bandwidth utilization.

Thanks Zeeshan Khan

asked 23 Mar '16, 06:12

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Not sure what the question is or what you are struggling with...

you use mergecap * -w merged.pcapng and open it with wireshark and go to Statistics - IO Graph and switch Y-axis to bits/s ...

Am I missing something here ?

(26 Mar '16, 09:29) mrEEde

I have two capture file from two different servers. Now i want to combine and want to get max bandwidth utilization.

For Exp both server are having 1 GB LAN cards. I want the max bandwidth utilization for both server as one 2 GB card.

Thanks Zeeshan Khan

(26 Mar '16, 13:14) ZeeshanKhan