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converting Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4 capture file to “wireshark/tcpdump”


Hi. I want to convert Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4 capture file to "wireshark/tcpdump"

Wireshark reads the capture file but the "save as" is greyed out

asked 28 Mar '16, 08:50

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Mostafa Nafady
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What type of network (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, etc.) was it captured on? Not all Network Monitor network types can be saved as pcap or pcapng files.

(28 Mar '16, 19:02) Guy Harris ♦♦

wifi capture

(29 Mar '16, 12:35) Mostafa Nafady

One Answer:


Wi-Fi captures from Network Monitor cannot be converted to pcap or pcapng captures, because there's no link-layer header type value for use in pcap/pcapng captures that corresponds to the type of radio metadata provided in Network Monitor Wi-Fi captures.

answered 29 Mar '16, 12:45

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Guy Harris ♦♦
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Deleted my answer, WiFi capture wasn't there when I wrote it.

(29 Mar '16, 23:54) DarrenWright