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Real Time Capture Video Stream



I am doing performing research in particular the security vulnerabilities of of Parrot Drone 2.0. When performing a man in the middle attack using ettercap, we can use Wireshark (Graphival mode) and I can recreate the video stream (Filtering TCP 5555) post event. Easy enough and we can replay the h264 video using ffmpeg. Our next task is to perform real time man in the middle attack, which requires us to have real time access to the video feed from the Parrot Drone 2 to the controller (such as an iPad).
If we use just ettercap to perform a mitm attack, we can saved the file to a named pipe and play it through ffmpeg, we can get something that resembles a video but because its a raw file with no filtering, its just really not properly decoded by mpeg. That because we are not filtering for the tcp 5555 connection (which we did in the first pert of experiment using Wireshark). In the first part, after using ettercap to perform an mitm, I can recreate it post event. Can I do this in real time. That is play the tcp 5555 in real time? I know that there is tshark and this might help but we are just really stuck on this task at the moment.
I'm sure this is achievable using Tshark or Wireshark, any ehlp or suggestion would be appreciated.

asked 29 Apr '16, 19:20

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