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I want add subtree , a HEX value with 16bytes, but buf max is 8 bytes


I asked this question on the wireshark-dev mailing list and @cmaynard solved it. YOU HAVE HERE:

I want add subtree , a HEX value with 16bytes, but buf max is 8 bytes, when I tried more not works. I tried defining Protofield like a string and it works but I want to show in HEX . Why can do it?

local f_marker = ProtoField.string("myproto.marker", "MARKER", base.HEX)

subtree = root:add(p_myproto, buf(0)) subtree:add(f_marker, buf(0,16))

asked 03 May '16, 02:28

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What you should really do is rework your "question" to clearly state the problem, and then add an answer post with the answer and then accept the answer so others can see it's a helpful answer to your question. Then there's no need for the redundant "(SoLVED)" in the question title.

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I've tried to clean it up.

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Sorry! Thanks!

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One Answer:


The intent of sending javiguembe to this site was not to ask and answer this question but to make javiguembe aware of the site so that it might be utilized to search for answers to future questions or to ask new questions. But since the question has been asked here, I'll post the relevant part of the answer I gave on the mailing list, which apparently solved the problem:

Try declaring f_marker like so:

local f_marker = ProtoField.bytes("myproto.marker", "MARKER")

Ref:, specifically section

answered 03 May '16, 07:12

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