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how to extract skype video call


Hi, there,

I sniffed a trace of skype video call which was with my friend, how can I extract the video out and save it as mp4? I used wireshark v2.0.2 on WIN7 64bit with service pack 1. thank you.

asked 18 May '16, 09:15

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Short answer: you can't.

Skype is a proprietary protocol which no one has yet fully reverse engineered. There is a Skype page on Wireshark's wiki to describe and collect information about the protocol.

Even if we did understand the protocol better, Skype communications are (so they say) encrypted (meaning you still wouldn't be able to extract the video--unless one could break the encryption).

answered 18 May '16, 10:24

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JeffMorriss ♦
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thanks for the comments. i was meant to say that i had a video call directly with my friend and i sniffed that call with wireshark, i was not the third person and was not outside of the call. suppose that call was decrypted in my pc, wireshark should be able to get all the traffic of that call, including UDP and RTP packets, so how can i get the video stream out and save it as mp4?

(19 May '16, 07:08) metz2086

Wireshark will capture the traffic seen by your network interface, which will still have been encrypted. The Skype client application on your PC will have decrypted the traffic, and at that point it's out of reach of Wireshark (or any network sniffer).

(19 May '16, 07:17) grahamb ♦

The reason why a capture from network interface can be decrypted in case of e.g. https is that, in contrary to skype, the encryption method is publicly known and if you are one of the conversation parties (the client or the server), you can obtain the data used as encryption key for the tls session. In case of Skype, you lack both the knowledge of the encryption method and the key material even if you are one of the conversation parties. Which btw also means that you cannot learn what else, in addition to your audio and video, Skype sends out from your PC.

(19 May '16, 07:49) sindy