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Feature request - “previous display filter”?


I often use a display filter (e.g. "ssl.record.content_type==21" to get a list of packets for further inspection. If I then use 'Follow TCP Stream' or the like, I have to go back to the display filter dialog and reselect "ssl.record.content-type==21" again (and hit Apply) to get back to my 'master list' of curious packets.

How about something like a "back button" that would simply go back to the previous display filter? I don't see anything like that, and it would be VERY handy as I wade through various displays...what do you think?

asked 26 Jul '11, 19:36

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This is an feature I often missed in daily practice with wireshark: - open wireshark log - watch for tcp connections - open the interested tcp stream - GO-BACK to old view

And it seems to be a common use - like in browsers. So I'm wondering, why we only have 2 'like it' post (2012/04/12).

I only found this patch in Bugzilla - which seems to be rejected, but sound dedicated to this feature request:

Is anybody able to push this patch/feature?


(19 Apr '12, 23:10) Ralf S

you do know about the capture filter history which by default saves the last 10 display filters in the drop down list, right? I agree that a simple "back" button would do the work too - but the history works fine for me

(20 Apr '12, 00:52) Landi

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  3. (OPTIONAL) Take a look at the WishList wiki. You're asked to email the developer mailing list before adding to the WishList. However, the RFE from step 1 should suffice (and is preferred since it gets tracked).

answered 26 Jul '11, 20:20

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