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How to write a postdissector in C?


I have been able to find instructions on writing postdissectors for Wireshark in Lua, but have been able to find any such instruction for C. All I've been able to find is that it is indeed possible. Does such a resource exist?

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asked 26 May '16, 10:50

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I think you're looking for void register_postdissector(dissector_handle_t); in epan/packet.h

answered 26 May '16, 14:40

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Jaap ♦
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And a dissector that calls that, for example epan/dissectors/packet-prp.c .

There isn't really much documentation of post-dissectors because they're not really something people use much. They were created to meet a very special case. (In fact, there's a reasonable chance what you're trying to do could be better handled another way.)

(26 May '16, 15:00) JeffMorriss ♦

How do I go about fetching fields as I would in Lua? in Lua its<fieldname>), which then requires some conversion from userdata to usable types.

(01 Jun '16, 12:21) osarkar

To get started with C development for Wireshark I'd suggest you take a look at README.developer and/or the Developer's Guide (available on the web site). It won't make sense to start learning via Q&A.

(01 Jun '16, 13:05) JeffMorriss ♦