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Translating a dissector from Lua to C


Are there any examples of dissectors written in Lua that have been translated to C? I'm a beginner and have written a dissector in Lua - now that it does what I want it to, I'd like to write it in C. I know about the development guide and the README, but was looking for a more tangible example to put it in context.

asked 31 May '16, 15:27

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You could try visiting the Sharkfest 2016 Retrospective page and looking at Graham Bloice's presentation (and related materials) titled, "Writing a Dissector: 3 Way to Eat Bytes". When you unzip the .7z archive (using 7-zip), you'll not only have the presentation but a sample dissector written in C and Lua as well as in wsgd.

answered 18 Jul '16, 11:00

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The example dissector is very basic, but is meant to show the difference in the "boilerplate" parts needed for a dissector.

(19 Jul '16, 02:29) grahamb ♦