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Videoconference our voice not comming through


Dear everyone,

I have no experience in packet tracing, but since a few months we have a delayed start with specific countries, whereas our office in the US and our office in Japan, with our closer countries Italy and Netherlands offices, we are having no issue in delay.

The issue is we can see the opponent side and hear them very well, but they only start to hear us after 5 till 15 minutes, as very sometimes it is connected instantly.

I traced the session with wireshark, but don't know which packets to really look for.

Kind regards, Sven

asked 03 Jun '16, 01:18

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The first thing to do would be to capture simultaneously at both ends in order to exclude obvious things like packets getting somewhere in the sea.

For any advice from here you'd either have to specify what videoconferencing equipment you use so that people eventually knowing that equipment could advise you what exactly to look at in the capture (but don't expect too much from this approach), or you'd have to capture a "dry run" of the conference where the issue would show up but the conference itself would not contain any sensitive information, and publish the capture somewhere at publicly accessible file sharing service (Cloudshark is the most task-specific one but you can use Google drive, Dropbox, ...) and edit your Question with links to the files from both ends. This approach allows general network specialists to find how your videoconferencing works without knowledge of your particular solution, and either tell you what to look for or even directly tell you what the issue is. Needless to say that such captures would have to last until the remote party starts hearing your audio.

It is not excluded that everything is fine at network level and the root cause of your issue is in the videoconferencing application.

(03 Jun '16, 01:33) sindy