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Identify an unknown ip address on a different network


I have found this IP address and I was wondering is there a way I can arp the IP address to find its Mac address? The IP address is on a different network, but I still want to be able to find it's mac address. Please help as I am new to wireshark.

asked 03 Jun '16, 13:00

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One Answer:


MAC Addresses are unique, but meaningful locally within a broadcast domain, so you will need access to a device within the same broadcast domain.

If the device is not on your network, why do you need the MAC? If it's to help someone on that network, have them try to ping it, then run look at their ARP cache (arp -a).

If you have admin privileges on a remote windows PC and you are on a Windows 7 or higher PC, you can also run getmac /s computername and get back the MAC address.

answered 06 Jun '16, 13:13

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