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Ip grabbing


Does anyone know the commands on grabbing someones skype ip, I havent used wireshark in a long long time

i am using ubuntu if you didnt know, If u know any ubuntu wireshark commands for grabbing someones ip thanks.

asked 04 Jun '16, 03:12

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One Answer:


Haven't tried it myself, but a quick google query for "wireshark skype ip" returns tons of results, e.g.

answered 05 Jun '16, 04:13

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Jasper ♦♦
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Yes, except that all those tutorials can only work if Skype on either end is not forced to use its firewall-cheating techniques. The more restrictive firewalls at one of the ends, the higher the probability that you'll be receiving the Skype packets from an IP address totally unrelated to the real one.

(05 Jun '16, 06:03) sindy

Right, but in those cases Wireshark can't help at all :-)

(05 Jun '16, 06:20) Jasper ♦♦

Well, something about the wording of the Question made me think that it is worth emphasizing that the result may be a false positive, i.e. that the method will always yield some address but it is more or less impossible to find out whether the address is actually linked to the Skype user or not.

A more real-life example than paranoid firewalls would be simply a Skype application on mobile phone.

(05 Jun '16, 06:30) sindy