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I have encouterd the crah for Register All Handoff for user define dissector call (generic_*.dll) in wireshark 2.0.3

Attaching Image for the refrence alt text

These issue is found in wireshark 2.0.3. Same code works fine in wireshark 1.12.7

Request your help.

Thanks Dinesh Sadu

asked 12 Jun '16, 05:58

Dinesh%20Babu%20Sadu's gravatar image

Dinesh Babu ...
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Plugins need to be compiled with the Wireshark source code of the major version you intend to use. You cannot take a plugin compiled for Wireshark 1.12.X and expect it to work with Wireshark 2.0.X. So if this not already the case, ensure to recompile your generic_dissector.dll plugin.

Also ensure that you do not have the same plugin installed in your user profile folder and in your build folder. This would also lead to a crash if you try to load twice the same plugin.

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answered 12 Jun '16, 09:29

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Pascal Quantin
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Thanks Pascal...

I had compiled it with latest Wireshark version 2.0.X and did it as gtk-package , installed in User(C:) Program Files (x86). These would not pick the plugin from build Folder.. Build Folder: E:/Softwares/Wireshark-2.0.3/* But my installation path is from C: Drive and short-cut (Wireshark_Legacy) created on Desktop which launches from C: Drive... Crash is observed only in sometimes. Majority times Wireshark comes-up successfully. Want to understand is these because of not freeing my static memory/register handles in generic_dissector.dll

(12 Jun '16, 11:24) Dinesh Babu ...

Well, only you can tell as you are the only one having access to the plug-in code. As the crash appears at startup (from what I understood) then it should not be related to previous run memory allocation.

(12 Jun '16, 12:17) Pascal Quantin
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