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Why Wiresharks shows protocol UNKNOWN and WTAP_ENCAP=1 for all packets?


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asked 21 Jun '16, 21:58

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Andrew Frater
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Each post should have a clear, specific question in the title field. Please rephrase the title as a proper question.

(21 Jun '16, 23:07) Jaap ♦

Or, in another words, from what you've provided we can only guess what is your problem. E.g. my guess is that you have disabled the ethernet dissector, but as you have provided a screenshot instead of a capture file, and you show frame 1 in the lower two panes but other frames in the packet list pane, it is not more than a guess.

(22 Jun '16, 04:25) sindy

One Answer:


You have deactivated Ethernet dissector.

Go to Analyze -> Enabled Protocols and ensure that Ethernet is checked (you might also need to check any other deactivated dissector you might need).

answered 22 Jun '16, 04:18

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Pascal Quantin
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Thank you, Problem solved, I was unaware that asking a question was done wrong. This is the first time i have done this my bad to all those i seemed to upset? again though much thanks on my side.

(22 Jun '16, 15:20) Andrew Frater

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