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Upgrading Wireshark Uninstalls C++ 2013 32-Bit



We have found a bug within the upgrade process of Wireshark to the latest version.

If you open an old version of Wireshark and run the installer for the upgrade it will ask you if you wish to uninstall the previous version of Wireshark. It appears that if you select yes it will uninstall this and also uninstall C++ 2013 32-Bit Redistributables without warning.

This may not cause issues for most people but when you have software which relies on this its definately not a good thing!

Just to note the C++ 2013 32-Bit Redistributables were installed seperately prior to the original installation of Wireshark.



asked 22 Jun '16, 02:00

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Wireshark uninstaller is not removing MSVC 2013 redistributable. But when you install Wireshark (so after uninstallation of the previous version), it executes the MSVC 2013 redistributable installer with the following flags: "/quiet /norestart".

This appears to create issues for some users. So we changed to "/install /quiet /norestart" in our development builds (it is already part of our Wireshark 2.1.0 development build found on the main website. We need to add those flags to the Wireshark 2.0.x installers (I will do it right now).

[Edit] This is now merged and will be part of the next Wireshark 2.0.5 stable release. Hopefully the MSVC redistributable will behave more sanely now.

answered 22 Jun '16, 04:13

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