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slow performance on aveva software


We have a design software Aveva that we are having performance problems pulling up and instrument panel or valve panel after we add a symbol on the drawing. the software is installed on the workstation - and it talks to the sql server - I'm seening like between 5 to 28 seconds calling sql batch but I'm not sure what is slow the applications or the sql server. I have the traces from the workstation and the server side. I'm seeing tcp keep alives but I'm not sure that is the problem

asked 28 Jun '16, 18:49

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do you have jumbo frames enabled on any of the network equipment?

(30 Jun '16, 06:05) net_tech

FWIW There were some more details in the other (now closed) question on this topic:

(01 Jul '16, 07:15) JeffMorriss ♦