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[closed] Why SQL batch is slow


The problem is I'm seeing a 22 second delay coming from the pc on a sql batch. I trying to find out what is causing the delay and I know you supposely was you spot the delay you look what is happening before your frame # to see why it is delayed. My question is if the captured is interwined with out conversation do you just resort the no column and what ever frame number shows the delay you look above that to see what was going on like the picture below:

alt text

or should filtered on that stream where the delay is to determine what is causing the delay like the picture below:

alt text


asked 29 Jun '16, 09:31

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closed 01 Jul '16, 07:14

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JeffMorriss ♦

just out of curiosity, is SQL running on a VM or physical machine?

(29 Jun '16, 13:08) net_tech

it is a vm machine

(29 Jun '16, 15:40) patrickwill

the bug described in the KB below would be responsible for sql performance degradation, but not 22 seconds delay you mentioned in your post.

it also would be helpful if you describe your environment, so we don't have to guess.

the delay could be caused by insufficient memory, slow disk or cpu. have you looked at the perfmon values?

(29 Jun '16, 18:07) net_tech

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