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Register heuristic function for multiple heuristic list names in Lua


I'm writing a custom Lua dissector for a protocol that can be sent over both TCP and UDP. According to the README.heuristic file, this can be done using the following code:

/ register as heuristic dissector for both TCP and UDP /

heur_dissector_add("tcp", dissect_PROTOABBREV_heur_tcp, "PROTOABBREV over TCP",
                   "PROTOABBREV_tcp", proto_PROTOABBREV, HEURISTIC_ENABLE);
heur_dissector_add("udp", dissect_PROTOABBREV_heur_udp, "PROTOABBREV over UDP",
                   "PROTOABBREV_udp", proto_PROTOABBREV, HEURISTIC_ENABLE);

I have successfully implemented this for our dissector written in C/C++. However, the Lua implementation of proto:register_heuristic(listname, func) only allows one heuristic function to be registered per protocol object even though I'm using two unique heuristic list names.

Calls to:

my_proto:register_heuristic("udp", my_heur_func)

my_proto:register_heuristic("tcp", my_heur_func)

Result in Wireshark displaying an error that my_proto already has a heuristic function registered. Inspecting the source, it appears the C code behind the Lua function checks against the proto name instead of the heuristic list name. Therefore, I can only register my heuristic function for a single heuristic list name.

Is this a Lua limitation or is there another way I can register my heuristic function with multiple heuristic list names? Short of another solution, it appears I may have to create two separate Lua dissectors. One for TCP and one for UDP.

asked 19 Jul '16, 08:20

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Just a comment, not a answer: the workaround should be simpler in terms that you would create two functions (and, as each protocol can only have a single dissector function, also two protocol names), but one of the functions would be just a wrapper of the other one (i.e. it would call it with the same parameters it has received itself). But you may end up with two sets of display filter names ( and if Lua is equally restrictive when registering the field names.

There is no limitation on how many protocols you register in a single .lua file.

(19 Jul '16, 08:49) sindy

One Answer:


An old question to be sure, but I believe the answer is:

my_proto:register_heuristic(my_proto, "udp", my_heur_func)
my_proto:register_heuristic(my_proto, "tcp", my_heur_func)

answered 14 Feb '20, 07:37

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