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looking for ICMP trace files


Does anyone have example of ICMP trace files that show : - a router solicition process (I have one trace with a request but no answer) - Source quench - parameters problem -

asked 22 Jul '16, 01:55

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2 Answers:


Try It's an online repository of trace files.

answered 22 Jul '16, 05:42

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Jim Aragon
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cmaynard ♦♦

thanks but I do not find any icmp trace which the requested types...

(22 Jul '16, 06:10) thierryn


There are sample captures available at

The list was generated by Jakub Zawadzki years ago so unfortunately it's not up to date with all of the capture files available, but there's still a large number of them listed nonetheless.

answered 22 Jul '16, 06:37

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