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How to decode Sybase Anywhere?



I got a trace with Sybase Anywhere traffic inside. The traffic flows through the tcp port 2638. If I configure the TDS dissector for this port the decode return for every packet "Unknown Packet Type: 24". Is there a way to decode Sybase Anywhere traffic or to configure the TDS dissector?


asked 03 Aug '11, 06:07

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Either Sybase Anywhere isn't using TDS or it's using a version of TDS that the Wireshark TDS dissector doesn't know about; you'd have to figure out which of those is the case, and, if it's not using TDS, find out what protocol it's using, and see if Wireshark has a dissector for it - if not, you or somebody else will have to write one - or, if it's using TDS, you'll have to find out what was added to TDS and update the Wireshark dissector to support that.

answered 03 Aug '11, 14:33

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