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[closed] Statistic—> I/O Graph—>add a new graph, if graph name use Chinese it will cause all graph name garbled


Statistic---> I/O Graph--->add a new graph, graph name use Chinese ,close and reopen wireshark, all graph name will cause garbled

All Version 2.x.x will cause all graph name garbled

Pls add more Color to display more graph item

graph name use Chinese will cause all graph name garbled

asked 13 Aug '16, 07:59

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closed 13 Aug '16, 08:04

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This is to be filed as a bug at Wireshark bugzilla, not as a question here.

(13 Aug '16, 08:03) sindy

The question has been closed for the following reason “Other” by sindy 13 Aug ‘16, 08:04