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Is there a way to specify hierarchy while declaring dissectors in wireshark in init.lua?


Hi, I am creating several dissectors for Wireshark in Lua. Basically I have several different protocols for which the dissectors need to be created. The issue is that some of these protocols use the same port numbers. So I wanted to know if there is a way to specify a hierarchy that should be followed when dissecting the packets. For example if I have dissector_1 and dissector_2, and I have a packet whose source port falls in the range of dissector_1 and destination port falls in the range of dissector_2, then how can I force the packet to be dissected using dissector_1, as over here the dissector_1 is higher in the hierarchy. Edit: I have also noticed that if I create a dissector that analyses the port numbers and then based upon certain if-else conditions calls other dissectors it works fine, but if in this dissector I try and add preferences to specify the port numbers for dissector_1 then the dissector stops working altogether.


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