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How to perform Wiresharks File->Extract Objects->HTTP through Tshark commandline interface?


Using TShark, I want to be able to extract the payload in HTTP response from packets data captured through tshark in a .pcap file.

In the Wireshark GUI, I was able to do that by File > Extract Objects > HTTP, and then choosing a file from the HTTP Objects dialog (which shows a list of all HTTP objects), and saving it on my disk. This process is described here.

The question is that how can I do it in Tshark?

asked 19 Aug '16, 03:16

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One Answer:


In short, not implemented yet :(

EDIT: As of Wireshark 2.3.0, this feature is available. As of December 2016, Wireshark 2.3.0 hasn't been released yet, so you can grab a daily build from here. To extract HTTP objects from the command-line, run the following command:

tshark -r mypcap.pcap --export-objects "http,destdir"

answered 13 Nov '16, 09:29

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