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LUA dissector set question


Hi All,

I use pinfo struct in LUA to handle TCP reassembly which works well, but I may have misunderstood something about updating the info column.

alt text

First dissector call: on packet x-1, message 1 dissected, append to info column on packet x-1 works fine, pinfo desegment offset, desegment len, return

Second call: on packet x, but buffer contains only message2 (due to previous desegment offset and len) ,message 2 dissected, append info to column on packet x works, return

Third call: on packet x again, but with buffer remaining messages: 3,4,5,partial 6, message 3,4,5 dissected, append to info column on packet x again - not appending anything

What do I miss? Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance. Szicsu

asked 07 Sep '16, 06:17

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