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Wireless Network NOT SHOWING!


Hello, I installed wireshark through ubuntu using a set of terminal commands.

When I open the interface list, I cannot find the option to sniff through my wireless network. I heard that I need to install winPCAP or something? But that is for windows only.

Please help, I need this for an assignment and currently I cannot find a solution.

asked 09 Sep '16, 14:24

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Can you see any network interfaces at all in the interface list? And are there any active network interfaces other than the wireless one in your system?

Can you post here the output of tshark -D command issued in a terminal window?

(09 Sep '16, 14:51) sindy

I can see some interfaces but nothing pertaining to like wireless network.

When I did tshark -D it says I don't have tshark installed, is it something I need?

(09 Sep '16, 17:55) alex067

I installed tshark and this is what came up when I did the comand: 1. eth0 2. any 3. lo (Loopback) 4. bluetooth-monitor 5. nflog 6. nfqueue 7. usbmon1

None of them have any packets going through

(09 Sep '16, 18:07) alex067

The reason why I've asked you for the list of interfaces was to find out whether it is an issue of user privileges (which would mean that none of the interfaces otherwise existing in the system would be shown in Wireshark or tshark) or something specific to the wireless interface.

There are several reasons why I've asked for tshark output:

  • it is easier for you to copy-paste a text output

  • this site doesn't handle pictures in Comments well

  • it is easier for me to give you the command line options than to tell you where to click...

What version of Wireshark have you installed?

Are you specifically interested in the wireless interface because you have no wired Ethernet device to connect to your eth0 or because the assignment relates to monitoring 3rd party traffic, i.e. one not originating or terminating in your machine?

(09 Sep '16, 22:50) sindy