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Is there a command to run tshark for a specific amount of time?


Is there a command to tell tshark to capture for, say, 15 minutes then stop?

asked 13 Sep '16, 01:21

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2 Answers:


If you want to have tshark capture for 15 minutes and then stop, you need to use the autostop "-a duration:900" option, not the ringbuffer "-b duration:900" option.

Refer to the tshark man page or tshark section of the user guide for more information on this and other tshark options.

answered 13 Sep '16, 07:19

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Right, my bad... I was too quick with this...

(13 Sep '16, 07:22) Jasper ♦♦

Thanks! I'll try this

(13 Sep '16, 23:30) elektrovert


yes, use the -b option with duration:NUM, where NUM is a number of seconds. In your case 15*60.

answered 13 Sep '16, 01:24

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Many thanks!

(13 Sep '16, 01:24) elektrovert