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Search for unicode string (UTF-16)


When frame contains Unicode string like "select", it is displayed as "s e l e c t", the space between characters is the null character \x00 not the space.

if i use the display filter:

 frame contains "s e l e c t"

it is not filtered.

so, I have to convert the string "select" to hex decimal manually , and run the display filter:

frame contains 73:00:65:00:6c:00:65:00:63:00:74:00

and it's working.

Also, I tried to use the find tool (in the tool bar) and picked Wide (UTF-16) and entered "s e l e c t", but it couldn't find the string.

I use wireshark v 2.2.0

My question:

  • Is there a simple way to filter for Unicode string direct instead of converting string to hex string
  • what i should enter in the find tool when picking Wide (UTF-16) to search for the asci "select" but as a Unicode string

asked 15 Sep '16, 13:39

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One Answer:


That's Unicode in a UTF-16 encoding, i.e. 2 bytes per code unit.

Leave the character encoding selector set to Narrow & Wide and just enter your string with the required characters, i.e. "select". This will search for both UTF-8/ASCII and UTF-16 encodings of the required string.

If you really want to find just UTF-16 encodings of the string, set the encoding selector to Wide, but still just enter the actual characters required.

answered 16 Sep '16, 02:35

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Thanks.It's working and find the string, but wireshark highligt last half of the string, review my sample Is this normal? What the actual character for UTF-16 to enter?

(16 Sep '16, 04:37) M-Hassan

That wasn't the original question though :-)

Looks like a bug to me when restricting the search to the packet bytes pane, please raise an entry on the Wireshark Bugzilla.

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(16 Sep '16, 05:10) grahamb ♦

what is the UTF-16 of the string "select" to enter when i pick the character encoding selector wide (UTF-16), so i can enter the display filter {frame contains "the UTF-16 of the the string select"}

(16 Sep '16, 05:56) M-Hassan

If the data you require is dissected in a field, you can just use the appropriate protocol.field == "mystring" filter.

If the data isn't in a field, as in your example of a TDS "select" statement, then you'll have to manually convert the string to the appropriate UTF-x equivalent, e.g. "select" encoded as UTF-16LE is 73:00:65:00:6c:00:65:00:63:00:74:00 and this would be used as frame contains 73:00:65:00:6c:00:65:00:63:00:74:00.

There is an online converter here, and you likely want to convert from text to UTF-16LE (as used by Windows systems).

(16 Sep '16, 06:45) grahamb ♦

Thanks for help. +10 for the tool convertor UTF-16LE

(16 Sep '16, 07:13) M-Hassan
(17 Sep '16, 07:05) M-Hassan
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