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How to capture traffic from all my connected devices to a wireless router?


Hi, I want to capture all the network traffic from all my devices connected to the router. Currently my desktop and mobile are connected to router. Whenever I browse network using my mobile, these packets are not shown in wireshark interface. only the packets captured through my desktop are visible. I turned on promiscous mode also but still my mobile traffic is not showing up.

Thanks in advance.

asked 26 Sep '16, 15:37

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How do you capture? Wireless? What OS is the device running that is doing the capture?

(26 Sep '16, 16:20) Jasper ♦♦

Yeah wireless capture and I am using Windows 8.1

(26 Sep '16, 17:33) dpc813

Search for questions using "monitoring" as search keyword (or find user Bob Jones and look at the questions he has answered). As you use Windows, the first step has to be to install NPcap with wireless monitoring support instead of WinPcap, yet the result depends on your wireless card manufacturer.

(26 Sep '16, 21:48) sindy

From what I have found about monitor mode says that "monitor mode is used to capture all the packets in air without connecting to any access point(router)" while promiscous mode is used to get the information about packets(all connected devices traffic) flowing through an access point(router). Please correct me if i am wrong.

(27 Sep '16, 02:57) dpc813

There's also the Wiki page on Wirelesss Capture that might be some help.

Note in particular the section about capturing wireless traffic on Windows and the issues caused by many wireless adaptor drivers.

(27 Sep '16, 03:33) grahamb ♦