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Decode EtherType as 6LoWPAN


Hi, I'm currently implementing this Internet draft which allows for sending 6LoWPAN frames over an Ethernet connection (which can be kind of useful for debugging your embedded software using a local TAP ;-)). Since there is no Ethertype for this yet, I used a random one that isn't assigned yet (0x87dd) in the hopes I could just use the Decode as... dialog to properly dissect this in Wireshark. However, 6LoWPAN does not show up in the selection for "Current". So how can I set this?

Thanks for your reply!

asked 29 Sep '16, 05:01

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Follow-up: The draft became RFC 7973 in the meantime [1] and the ethertype 0xa0ed is now registered at the IEEE for this.


(24 Jan '17, 08:18) miri64

One Answer:


From the IEEE registry, an Ethertype for prototype use:

88b6      IEEE 802.1               IEEE Std 802 - Local Experimental Ethertype 2.  This Ethertype value is
          802.1 CHAIR c/o IEEE     available for public use and for prototype and vendor-specific protocol
          Piscataway  NJ  08554    development, as defined in Amendment 802a to IEEE Std 802.

as 0x87dd is already assigned, just not for a published protocol.

Anyway, as for using Decode as for 6LoWPAN, its dissector needs to be registered for this purpose with the Ethernet dissector. Obviously currently it's not.

answered 29 Sep '16, 07:24

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Thanks for the edit, but I was suggesting a proper ethertype to use.

(30 Sep '16, 04:32) Jaap ♦

Ah, sorry I misunderstood and thought it was a cut'n'pasteo, although I still don't understand what you were trying to show.

For the OP, 0x87dd has been assigned (as per the IEEE registry) so be careful with that.

(30 Sep '16, 05:08) grahamb ♦

I was trying to show that ethertype 88B6 is explicitly assigned for this purpose, experimental use, what this is until a proper assignment has been made.

(30 Sep '16, 07:50) Jaap ♦

Hopefully fixed up now.

(30 Sep '16, 08:15) grahamb ♦