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Time in capture and time in RTP Player different


I performed a capture. The Time says 2016-09-30 for the packet I highlighted. I clicked Telephony > RTP > Stream Analysis. Then I clicked on Play Streams and clicked Time of Day. The time listed on the graph says 2018-06-15. Why are they different?


asked 30 Sep '16, 13:20

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That sounds like a bug, yet I cannot reproduce it on my Wireshark 2.2.0 on 64-bit Windows 10. Can you provide details about your Wireshark version and operating system, and can you reproduce that bug on each start of Wireshark, opening the same capture file? If yes, can you publish the file? Does it happen with several VoIP captures or just with this single one?

(01 Oct '16, 00:51) sindy