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Autoscroll Jumping


Hello All,

I am on Wireshark Version 2.2.0 (v2.2.0-0-g5368c50 from master-2.2) and while capturing live packets I have the auto scroll feature turned on. While it is capturing it jumps from the last packet all the way back to the first packet.

Now if I stop auto scroll and press the (go to last packet button) next to auto scroll say it is at packet 600 and I turn on auto scroll again, it will then jump from the last packet it captures to packet 600 instead of the first packet.

Any one else notice this problem?

Thank you, Keybaord

asked 03 Oct '16, 05:49

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I'm having this problem as well. It has existed ever since v.2.0. It will not stay on the newest packet but instead jumps back and forth between the newest and some other ones further up the list. Very annoying.

(21 Nov '16, 12:43) tyson3720

One Answer:


I also have this problem (Wireshark version 2.2.6). I have a workaround (albeit impractical): select a packet, then press and hold "end" on your keyboard.

answered 22 May '17, 01:43

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