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i see udp i want rtp


how to convert the udp to rtp this is a webrtc capture

asked 17 Oct '16, 09:42

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which version of wireshark are you using?

(17 Oct '16, 23:23) koundi

WebRTC typically uses SRTP AFAIK, so even if you enable RTP you will not be able to use the telephony analysis tools since the payload is encrypted. SRTP is on my wishlist/todo list for some time now.

(18 Oct '16, 00:54) Lekensteyn

@Lekensteyn, I'm hereby voting +1000 for SRTP decryption in general.

But use of telephony analysis tools should be possible except payload playback and export as audio. On the other hand, WebRTC typically uses compressing codecs so even after decryption, the payload playback and export as audio still won't work until someone implements the decompression part of the codec. So export of raw (decrypted) payload followed by decompression using an external tool would be necessary to hear the audio.

(18 Oct '16, 03:09) sindy

One Answer:


Go to menu Analyze, select Enabled Protocols. Search for RTP. Tick 'rtp_udp'.

answered 17 Oct '16, 13:34

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