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Uncompressing PPP Comp Data


I'm writing an application which suppose to integrate a new system, with an old command base system, this command base system provide an api, and very simple sample about how to send and receive data, but nothing more. till now i send data, received result, every thing goods... well it wasn't that much good, lot of trouble, etc... BTW, till now it was just fine, but now i came across two command which they are acting differently... I send a command, receive two masked page instead of result, and i cannot just send another command simply, i have to move over the mask, fill the form, and confirm it in the end. which i do not know how this system transfer these data.

Now to find out which data and where they are sended by this APP, i run wireshark and capture some of it's data over an isolated VPN connection. but the data were compressed.

I attach the file i saved from this action, shall you may help me. The VPN IP address itself is: [] but i'm not sure which server does this program communicate with.

asked 24 Oct '16, 23:22

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