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autostop based on time least packet received?



I've been reading the docs here:

trying to find a way to stop a capture if no packet has been received for at least X seconds

I know I can put an absolute timeout in place using the "-a duration" flags...but ideally I would be able to run:

tshark host <source_ip> -w dump.pcap

Such that the capture stopped when no traffic from that source IP had been received for X seconds. Any ideas....?

asked 25 Oct '16, 10:11

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Just wondering, what's the use case?

(25 Oct '16, 11:09) Jaap ♦

I'm checking comms on a number of video streams. I can start each stream, and tshark, in parallel - but the stream may take a few seconds to join - so Ineed to capture with tshark for long enough to get a representative sample of packets, but not so long I'm wasting time...

(25 Oct '16, 15:38) dbrb2

I think I will do this by combining packet count with duration...

(25 Oct '16, 15:38) dbrb2

One Answer:


Unfortunately that's not currently supported.

You could raise an enhancement request on the Wireshark Bugzilla (if there isn't a similar one already).

answered 25 Oct '16, 10:32

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grahamb ♦
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I might do that, thanks

Another option - not quite the same, but in my case with a similar outcome, would be to combine a packet limit -c with a duration

That would presumably quit either when X matching packets were received, or when the duration was hit, whichever came first...

(25 Oct '16, 11:02) dbrb2