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Dropped packet stats in CLI during capture


For tcmdump or dumpcap, is it possible to have the dropped packets counter statistics during the capture? Currently only available at the end of the capture...

How can I know if my capture is missing packets in real-time?

Update: I've discovered that pressing CTRL+T (sending SIGINFO according to manpage) during a dumpcap -q capture, displays some info on demand, maybe could add afix to display dropped packets if the info is available:

load: 1.32  cmd: dumpcap 4451 running 0.04u 0.03s
Packets captured: 8

asked 26 Oct '16, 13:56

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One Answer:


As an example:

tshark -i 1 -qz icmp,srt

This will show # of packets lost and also a % of packet loss.

hope this is helpful, John

answered 31 Oct '16, 13:06

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All of this is available at the end of the capture, I was asking for packet drop info during the capture

(31 Oct '16, 14:50) TomLaBaude