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How to integrate a custom protocol into the telephony analyzer?


Hello all,

is there a way to register an additional protocol into the telephony analyzer (which may consist in just marking that protocol as a telephony-related one)? I've got a Lua dissector for a home brewed protocol which accompanies SIP in our application, and I would like to see the conversations of this protocol in the telephony flow graph together with SIP and RTP. Given that there is no field common to that protocol and SIP which would allow to unambiguously link their messages together, conversations of that protocol (which uses UDP transport) would have to be listed as separate telephony calls in the call list table where you choose the calls from which the flow graph shall be composed.

The generic flow graph is fine except that it lacks two important features of the telephony-specific one:

  • the RTP grouping capability, so each RTP packet is represented by its own line in it, which adds a lot of visual noise,

  • the colorization of related conversations.

asked 27 Oct '16, 11:18

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One Answer:


No there is no API for this currently. Adding a new protocol requires modifying Wireshark source code (voip_calls.c) and recompiling.

answered 27 Oct '16, 12:42

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Pascal Quantin
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