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40 MHz + 40 MHz lower BW meaning in wireshark


What does 40 MHz + 40 MHz lower or 40 MHz + 40 MHz upper mean in wireshark? This is how wireshark represents bandwidth in my trace? Is this bandwidth equal to 40 MHz or 80 MHz?

asked 31 Oct '16, 22:07

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Harshada Kelkar
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This means you are transmitting at 40MHz bandwidth. Depending on the specific field, the string represented could be differemt. This would be a 40MHz bandwidth frame sent as 802.11ac phy. Can you verify, or post a short trace with some of these frames? I can't seem to generate these exact ones, though from the link I am able to generate similar. The primary channel should be in the upper 40MHz of the 80MHz-wide total bandwidth.

answered 04 Nov '16, 16:16

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Bob Jones
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