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Capture Packets in Monitor mode for Qualcomm Atheros Sparrow 11ad Wireless Network Adapter


I am trying to run an IEEE 802.11ad/WiGig based interface (Qualcomm Atheros Sparrow 11ad Wireless Network Adapter) in monitor mode in Ubuntu 16.04.1. The driver is wil6210 which uses firmware wil6210.fw and wil6210.brd. I am able to set the interface into monitor mode and verify that using iwconfig command. However, I am not able to capture any control or management packets. I would like to know if someone has experienced with this driver and managed to capture 802.11ad frames using Wireshark. I followed the same steps mentioned in wil6210 driver Website

asked 02 Nov '16, 10:23

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Hany Assasa
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