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Lua: Link in Tap output that can apply display filter to main window


Hi folks,

I have written a tap in Lua that opens a TextWindow and displays a breakdown of all TCP conversations, along with some performance metrics for each. I would like to include in the output a link for each conversation, that would apply a filter in the main window to display packets from that conversation only. This way a user can click on a link for a conversation they want to drill down into.

I have been able to generate the filter without a problem, but right now the user has to copy and paste it. I can find no way to create a link in the Tap's TextWindow that can dynamically apply the filter.

Is there some way to do this I am not aware of? If it is not possible from within a TextWindow, is there another way I can display output from a tap where I can include such a link to apply a display filter?

Thanks in advance, Ryan

asked 03 Nov '16, 13:03

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I've got the same question. Have you found something ?

(10 Feb '17, 06:28) Schafer

Hi @Schafer, sorry for the delayed response. I never did find a way to do this, and am assuming there is not one. I settled for just displaying the filter expression in the window and requiring the user to copy and paste it. It's easy, but makes the output a lot busier and harder to read.

If you find a better solution, please let me know.

(08 Mar '17, 06:39) ryber