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Renumbering Frames based on time stamps


Hi, I am capturing Ethernet traffic from two network adapters, in the same time. Due to some inherent lags in accessing each network adapter, some Frames are numbered in a wrong chronological order, while the time stamps are correct. The Frames can be put in the correct chronological order, by clicking on the Time Column, but the interpretation of the Frames by Wireshark is still done over the Frames Numbers. Now for the question: Is there a way of renumbering the Frames based on time stamps?

asked 08 Nov '16, 00:25

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One Answer:


You can try to use "reordercap" command-line utility for that:

answered 08 Nov '16, 00:51

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Thank you. I have tried it and it works OK for my purpose.

(08 Nov '16, 04:05) c_vasiloiu

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