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Decode SRTP and TLS


Hi there,

I am trying to troubleshoot a voice quality issue on a tls and srtp VOIP call. Normally on a TCP and RTP call, I can use the player to play back these packets so I can listen to the voice quality between handset and call server or gateway with call server. However wireshark can't seems to decode and play a VOIP call setup using tls and srtp even if the correct RSA key.pem file specified under the SSL protocol.

Am I missing something or it is a limitation on the wireshark?

David Lau

asked 17 Aug '11, 00:03

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David Lau
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One Answer:


That's a Wireshark limitation at the moment. The SIP dissector (I assume here SIP/TLS !) isn't yet able to create a crypto context for the RTP dissector to use. The RTP dissector isn't yet able to integrate with libsrtp to decrypt the media.

It would be a nice Summer of Code project...

answered 17 Aug '11, 01:30

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Jaap ♦
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thanks for the response and can't wait for this feature to be available.


(17 Aug '11, 01:53) David Lau