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How to monitor a Firefox addon?


I have a FF addon (Windows 10 Pro 64bit) that offers a translation service when holding Ctrl+C after selection of text. I would like to know what information is sent back and forth when I trigger the addon by hitting/holding Ctrl+C. How would I do this in Wireshark? Thank you so much for your hints. Cheers!

asked 10 Nov '16, 10:29

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One Answer:


Since you can only capture on network interfaces, where all external traffic passes through from all applications and services, you need to very tightly control your test environment. All, and I mean all, non-required applications and services, which may generate network traffic should be stopped. Then you can run firefox and run your test. From there you have to match you actions to the packets captured to try to distinguish your target traffic from the rest. Try it a couple of times to better recognise the traffic.

answered 10 Nov '16, 10:55

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Thank you, well understood. Is there a way (e.g. a "personal firewall" - yeah, please don't beat me for this - I have none installed) to block network traffic from any Windows program/application, except for FF?

(10 Nov '16, 11:07) sharktooth